Nick Udall
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Dr. Nick Udall

“Leadership & Innovation Rockstar”

Mindful Leadership Forum

Nick is a co-founder and the CEO of the nowheregroup; and was a founding member and a Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership.

Nick has been working with C-Suite teams and Executive Boards since the age of 23, helping them design and catalyse step-change transformations. He is also an international speaker, social entrepreneur, author, artist, DJ and B-Boy.

International speaker

nowhere works behind the scenes and at the highest levels with global corporations all over the world, building purpose-driven cultures and eco-systems of innovation.

“Inspiring, new and set
to change the world”

Wake Up Project

Since its founding in the late nineties, nowhere has worked in over fifty countries, established teams in five continents and catalysed business critical breakthroughs within and across a myriad of different sectors, including… agribusiness, big tech, banking, retail, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, food & beverages, trading, insurance, bio-tech, media and broadcasting, health and beauty, mobile telecommunications, precision engineering, manufacturing and consumer electronics. We’ve also worked with numerous local, national and cabinet government departments and agencies.

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A founding member and the Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on New Models of Leadership. Global Agenda Councils comprise of 15 to 20 relevant experts, who serve as informal advisory groups to the World Economic Forum and, through the Forum, to the international community.

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A former member of the Sustainable Brands Advisory Board – a global learning, collaboration and communication platform for brand innovators inspired to leverage sustainability as a driver of business and brand value. The Advisory Board includes SVPs from Unilever, CVS, P&G, Timberland, Target, Visa, SAP, Danone, McAfee, The Nature Conservancy, UPS, Johnson & Johnson and the Ford Motor Co.


Nick is also a long-standing member of the entrepreneurial and philanthropic TED community; and nowhere was one of the TED Global 2009 sponsors. TED is a global community, welcoming people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. It believes passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

International Speaker


“Super impressive from brand
to delivery – First class!”

Strategist and International Speaker


“A-class, amazing, out of this world, and practical”

Pharmaceutical Executive


Nick spends most of his time holding spaces in amazing places all over the world for senior leaders and their teams – catalysing breakthrough thinking, revealing the hidden and invisible dynamics that unconsciously drive teams and cultures, and introducing ways of relating, thinking, leading and organising that evoke wholly new levels of productivity, creativity and innovation.

holding space

Nick has had the privilege of holding spaces for global leaders to think together in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Mount Emei, one of China’s
five holy mountains
Lakes of Patagonia,
City Scape of
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sydney Harbour,
Andalusian mountains
in southern Spain
Zen Gardens,
Kyoto, Japan
Western Coast
of Costa Rica
Mountains of Western
Crete, Greece

“As for you being ‘invisible’…
you are about as invisible as a supernova in the Milky Way”

Global Banking Executive

Social Entrepreneur

In 1995, Nick co-founded the Design Transformation Group to help develop a new generation of designers to shape the future in more responsible, humanistic and meaningful ways.

The not-for-profit arm of the nowheregroup invests in and pioneers new ways of unlocking the creativity of children and young people all over the world.

Nick was a founder and the Chair of this restored Victorian Walled garden that reconnects people with nature, so on every visit they can take home some Good Medicine.

In Essence


Nick is a B-Boy (breakdancer) at heart. He is also a DJ, artist and designer. The only difference now is instead of designing objects, Nick designs and choreographs breakthrough journeys for leaders, teams and organisations all over the world.


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